Nov 14, 2016

Crystal Dreamcatcher Necklaces

These wire wrapped crystal dreamcatcher necklaces come in amethyst, clear quartz and citrine! Each necklace is unique as the stones are natural and vary in shape, size and color. The handcrafted silver chain necklace is 24 inches and the dreamcatcher pendant is securely attached so the clasp remains in the back of the neck. Hang it on the rearview, on your wall, in a window or in your sacred space when not wearing it! You can find these crystal dreamcatcher necklaces at along with dreamcatcher rearview mirror decorations!

Nov 9, 2016

Swarovski Crystal Heart Necklace

Surround yourself with love, positive people, breathe, appreciate, be life.
This Swarovski crystal heart necklace reflects love...because love wins - always!

Click here to see the Crystal Heart Necklace on

Nov 4, 2016

Hanging Prism Crystal Suncatchers

New hanging prism crystal suncatchers! There is nothing I love more than creating special pieces for your home or rearview mirror! What colors are you generally pulled towards? If I don't have what you are looking for on my site I'm sure that I have colors to make that special piece for you or someone you love! Don't hesitate to contact me, I respond as soon as possible!

Visit for hundreds of hanging crystal designs, handcrafted jewelry and unique gifts!

Nov 1, 2016

Dreamcatcher Giveaway!

The November Giveaway is for a unique Dreamcatcher with citrine! It can be hung from the rearview mirror, in a window, on the wall or wherever you choose! Citrine or yellow topaz is the birthstone for November and the color varies from a light yellow to golden topaz. Each stone is unique, capped with silver and hangs below the silver wire wrapped dreamcatcher pendant. Inside the web is a tumbled citrine gemstone.

Entry is simple by completing a quick form on JG Beaded Jewelry - your info is never shared or sold and is used solely for the giveaway - that is a promise!
You can enter on JG Beaded Jewelry's Facebook page by "liking" the page and giveaway post!
Feel free to do both and double your chances! Winner is posted by first name and last initial on this blog, and on Facebook. GOOD LUCK!!

This Crystal Dreamcatcher is available in Amethyst, Citrine and Clear Quartz and comes in a Dreamcatcher Necklace or Hanging Dreamcatcher!

JG Beaded Jewelry offers unique handcrafted jewelry, crystal suncatchers, rearview mirror decorations, natural crystals and unique gifts! Please visit
if you are looking for a gift for someone you love or for yourself!

Thank you,

The October Giveaway winner is Lorraine B-K - Congrats!!

Oct 1, 2016

Butterfly Crystal Suncatcher Giveaway!

It's time for another giveaway! This "Butterfly Crystal Suncatcher" represents change...change in the weather, season, and any other aspect in life that is significant to you! Butterflies symbolize transformation and joy and I want to bring that joy into someone's life by giving this unique prism crystal decoration to a lucky winner!
The suncatcher can be hung in a window, from the rearview mirror or attached to an existing chain of your ceiling light or ceiling fan! Each method of hanging is designed differently, so the winner will choose where and how they want to hang it before I make and ship it! Crystal suncatchers create magical rainbows when the sun's ray hits it - if you love rainbows, then suncatchers are perfect for you!

To enter, simply go!
If you are on Facebook - enter the giveaway by giving the page JGBeadedJewelry a "like" along with the current giveaway! Feel free to share and comment - it's nice to know you are truly interested. Every giveaway is absolutely real and legitimate and not to collect your information! The giveaway's are my way of giving back along with keeping people updated with what's new! I am constantly adding new items, creating custom pieces and work really hard to bring joy into others lives! If you have a special request, please contact me with your inquiry - I generally respond quickly!

JG Beaded Jewelry offers unique hanging crystals, jewelry, gifts and more with free US shipping with orders of $40! Personal notes and gift bags are available if you are sending a gift directly to someone you love, just let me know at checkout and I will take care of the rest!


The September Giveaway winner is Kaz E. - congrats!!!

Sep 27, 2016

Hanging Crystal Magic Window

Unique handcrafted hanging crystals can make a magic window in your home or office! When the sun's ray hits the crystals it acts like  a prism and you will find beautiful rainbows splashed around the room! Custom colors, sizes and shapes are available upon request at 

Offering unique crystal suncatcher designs for your home, office, rearview mirror or just about anywhere you choose! Each hanging crystal is wire wrapped by hand with care and attention to detail one bead at a time!

Visit for hundreds of designs!

Sep 2, 2016

Rainbow Fluorite Quartz Crystal Towers

Have you ever seen such amazing colors in quartz crystal points? The color banding, rainbow inclusions, and natural beauty is beyond what words can describe! Every crystal that I offer is hand-picked for quality and amazing energy. 

Find Fluorite Quartz Crystal Towers Here!

Fluorite is a natural mineral that is a multi-dimensional stone banded and blended, with phantoms, foils and a variety of crystal formations! Fluorite is a cleansing stone, protective stone and a healing stone. It is known to absorb and draw off negative energy and stress. It is useful for grounding, harmonizing spiritual energy and protection from psychic manipulations. Fluorite heightens concentration and assists in organizing and processing information.
Physical healing properties are said to include strengthening teeth and bones, balancing the mind, assists with respiratory issues, skin disease and decreases arthritis pain. If you are experiencing medical issues, please consult your physician. 

Fluorite crystals are a perfect for decorating your home, sacred space, meditation, as a gift for an avid rock collector or for someone who is just beginning to work with crystals. They are magical and beautiful!

Also offering amethyst, clear and rose quartz crystals at

Sep 1, 2016

Moonstone Crystal Suncatcher Giveaway

Enter the September Giveaway for your chance to this Moonstone Crystal Suncatcher! It can be hung from the rearview mirror, in a window or attached to an existing ceiling light or fan pull chain. Each hanging method is different, so winner will choose the hanging option.
To Enter:
1) Submit your entry at JGBeadedJewelry - it is quick, easy and completely private
2) You can also enter on Facebook by "liking" the JG Beaded Jewelry page and giveaway!

JG Beaded Jewelry offers unique hanging crystals, rearview mirror decorations, jewelry and handmade gifts. 

Joanne G. was the August Giveaway winner of the Rainbow Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher!

Aug 31, 2016

September Birthstone - Sapphire!

Sapphire is the birthstone for September! 
This Sapphire Blue Wild Heart Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher can be dangled from the rearview mirror, easily attached to an existing ceiling fan or light pull chain, or hung in a window! 
The Swarovski Crystal Wild Heart is an elegant and classy shape, brilliantly colored and would make a lovely gift for someone you love! Swarovski is known worldwide for their quality, precision cut, and flawless crystals - they are the best!
If you would like this heart sent directly to someone to save time and shipping, please leave a note at checkout and it will be wrapped in a gift bag. A personal note can also be included! 
Custom requests are welcomed - just visit or "contact us" directly!

Best Wishes,

Offering unique crystal suncatchers, rearview mirror car charms, jewelry and gifts.

Aug 11, 2016

Wild Heart Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher

Wild Heart Swarovski Crystal Suncatchers

Swarovski crystal is known worldwide for the best quality crystals that are flawless and precision cut! The "Wild Heart" is an elegant and classy design with beautiful facets and coloring! 
These Wild Heart Swarovski Crystal Suncatchers are uniquely designed from my heart using only the best Swarovski crystals and pearls! 

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for someone you love, a pretty decoration to hang from your rearview mirror, in a window or from the ceiling light or fan pull chain - these gorgeous hearts will last for a very long time without losing the glorious shimmer! Every suncatcher is designed by hand with great attention to detail. Over the years I have learned many techniques to ensure that they are made to the best of my ability. The hanging options are each made a little different to ensure proper display. The rearview option comes on a silver chain with clasp, the window option comes on a silver chain with sturdy ring to hang from a hook and the ceiling light/fan pull comes on a silver ball chain with connector for simple attachment to your existing pull chain!

I am always happy to customize, so if you have something in mind but cannot find it in my store, please contact me anytime with your request!

Please visit for a wide selection of crystal suncatchers, rearview mirror decorations, jewelry and unique gifts.