Aug 8, 2020

Crystal Suncatchers

Fire Opal Butterfly Crystal Suncatcher.
Features gorgeous fire opal Swarovski crystals, silver metal butterflies and a silver prism that creates vibrant rainbows!
Celtic Heart Iris Silver Prism Crystal Suncatcher

Features silver Celtic hearts, iris blue and silver Swarovski crystals and a silver shade prism!

The suncatchers are uniquely designed to hang from the rearview mirror or in a window. Quality made for strength and longevity. Custom colors may be available upon request before purchasing by contacting us.

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Apr 10, 2020

Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

Gorgeous Rainbow Fluorite Crystals!

Each crystal is hand-selected for quality, beauty, radiance and energy then cleansed in a natural spring along the Feather River in Northern California. It is truly an honor to offer such high vibe energy stones. So many colors, natural inclusions, burst of rainbows and treasures from the earth - from my heart, may you find beauty within.

XO ~ Sharon

Apr 1, 2020

Giveaway Violet Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher

Enter the current GIVEAWAY to win this
Violet Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Prism!

This violet Swarovski crystal suncatcher prism is designed with violet and iridescent Swarovski crystals and a beautiful one inch multi-faceted Swarovski Strass prism along fancy silver metal beads. Quality made with love and care for strength and longevity, this keepsake will last for many years to come! This crystal can be hung on the rearview mirror, in a window or wherever you choose.

Congrats to Megan G. ~ she was the winner of the Iris Blue Gray Hanging Crystal Suncatcher Prism!

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Mar 26, 2020

Rainbow Fluorite Crystals

♥ Rainbow fluorite assists with bringing a combination of energies to enhance an open mind and positivity.♥ Purple fluorite is the stone of protection, is a used to focus and assist with insight, awareness, concentration, memory, visions and can open the third eye. It is used for inner peace, emotional stability and to defend from bad dreams.♥ Green Fluorite promotes self love, assists with intuition, grounds and absorbs excess energy. Use Green Fluorite to cleanse and renew your chakras.♥ Blue fluorite protects and restores emotional balance, it is good for communication. It opens the third eye and used as the throat chakra.♥ White fluorite is associated with the crown chakra and used to merge personal and spiritual energies together.♥ Clear fluorite is a stone of purification, harmony, emotional stability and aligns all of the chakras.♥ Yellow Fluorite brings understanding and manifests your intuitions.♥ Pink fluorite opens the heart chakra and enhances spiritual development.♥ Golden fluorite is used for grounding, balancing emotions and protection.♥ Dendritic inclusions are moss or plant-like formations within the crystal and the healing properties are perfect for those looking to connect more with nature and higher consciousness.
♥ Fluorite is a natural mineral that is a multi-dimensional stone banded and blended that may have phantoms, foils and a variety of crystal formations and rainbow inclusions! It is considered a healing stone and is used for grounding, harmonizing spiritual energy and protection from psychic manipulations. It is thought to absorb and draw off negative energy and stress. Fluorite is said to heighten concentration and assist in organizing and processing information. Crystals should not be used in replacement of professional medical treatment or prevention of disease.

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Mar 25, 2020

Lotus Crystal Suncatcher

The Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth and self-regeneration. When it roots are in the dirtiest of water, the lotus produces a gorgeous flower.
Gold represents love, compassion, passion, courage, magic, and wisdom.
Topaz represents love and affection.

This suncatcher is customized for the rearview mirror or window/home decor. 
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Mar 8, 2020

Purple Swarovski Crystal Suncatchers

New Swarovski Crystal Suncatchers For the Purple People! 

These multi-faceted purple prisms are simply gorgeous. The prism is embellished with stunning Swarovski crystal beads. Hang one in your window, on the rearview mirror or wherever you choose!
Special design and color requests may be available by contacting us with your request.

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Mar 1, 2020

Crystal Suncatcher Giveaway!

First off, congrats to Christina C., who won the last giveaway for the gorgeous
Red Heart Topaz Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher!

This Iris Blue Grey Crystal Suncatcher is up for grabs in the March giveaway!
Very easy to enter here:

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Good luck to all!

Feb 4, 2020

Swarovski Heart Crystal Suncatcher Giveaway

                                 Red Heart Topaz Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher

Enter for a chance to win this beautiful suncatcher - handmade with attention to quality with care for strength and longevity! 
This red heart topaz Swarovski crystal suncatcher decoration can be hung from the rearview mirror, in a window, easily attached to an existing ceiling fan or light pull chain to add a little sparkle to your life. The Wild Heart is an elegant and classy shape, brilliantly colored and would make a lovely gift for someone you love!


Congrats to Katey W., she was the latest winner...

Dec 2, 2019

GIVEAWAY Lotus Crystal Suncatcher

GIVEAWAY!!! Who would love to with this Golden Topaz Lotus Diamond Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher? The prism is such an elegant shape and will sparkle with love! Wonderful gift or addition to any room or for the rearview mirror! Easy entry here:

Congrats to Andrea S. who won the Purple Ombre Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher!

Looking for the perfect gift? Visit the website or Etsy shop! Always happy to send direct to your loved one with a personal message! 

Nov 7, 2019

Giveaway Purple Ombre Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher

GIVEAWAY TIME! This Purple Ombre Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher is the November giveaway prize! Uniquely crafted with 100% Swarovski crystal, made with love and care for the rearview mirror or window! Enter here:
Good luck ~ looking forward to sending this to its new home (or car)!!
XO ~Sharon
Love love love this purple prism so much! Offering 15% off through the end of November with COUPON CODE: PURPLEOMBRE 

Congrats to Debbie R. who was the previous winner of the Purple Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Giveaway!