Jan 16, 2012

Handcrafted Lampwork Beads and Jewelry by Sweetwater Designs - Featured Artist

JG Beaded Jewelry is delighted to feature Deborah Lambson, a skilled bead and jewelry creator and owner of Sweetwater Designs. Deborah discovered the ancient art of lampwork several years ago and has been entranced and intrigued ever since. The glass beads are created individually using a dual fueled torch, pencil like rods of glass and clay dipped mandrel (so that the hot glass bead will readily come off of the steel mandrel.) She said that “working with molten glass is rather like working with honey and it can take some time just to master the art of a round bead”.  She is most inspired by nature and loves to create something that mimics nature in some way…through movement, line or texture and she prefers subtle colorings to heavy handed primaries.  Although, she has noticed that time spent in Israel has influenced her color decisions. The sights and sounds of the lovely little country are being absorbed into her work and she is beginning to introduce more of those primary colors into her designs. Deborah has jewelry displayed in galleries and shops in Canada and can be found online at Sweetwater Designs for jewelry, or GreenBird Studio for loose beads so you can design your own fabulous jewelry! You can also visit her website Sweetwater Designs.  JG Beaded Jewelry wishes her much success!

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Sweetwater Designs said...

Nice job of making me look good JG! :-) and what a nice feature on your blog!
I love this social network stuff sometimes..you get to meet really cool artisans like yourself.
Enjoy your day1!

Deborah L

JG Beaded Jewelry / JG Beads said...

You make yourself look good with your beautiful creations! I forgot to mention to everyone - Sweetwater Designs IS on Facebook - look her up!

Zackary Faraj said...

Fantastic blog, Thanks for sharing..
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